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ADVANTAGE VBM - Now with the new MS Office and Outlook Add-in ADVANTAGE VBM is an advanced enterprise grade electronic document and data management system developed to help you gain control of your Windows file system. ADVANTAGE VBM featuring the unique RealFS Relational File System and MyComm Messenger provides you with the tools and technologies to help you manage your electronic filing and brings visibility back to your business or projects. ADVANTAGE VBM helps you regain order and structure on your shared network drives by creating unique layers across the Windows file system. These layers not only capture standard information such as file name and location but they also capture the know-how which is normally retained by your employees and is not available through Windows Explorer. ADVANTAGE VBM is especially designed for anyone from small to large business enterprises and projects. Once your electronic files are under VBM control they are saved and retrieved according to security privileges you assign to your team and each of its members. VBM offers you the potential to confidently convert your business or project into a paperless environment. ADVANTAGE VBM does not replace any of your computer's 3rd party applications but compliments their power by giving you a single user interface to create, save and access the files they create. VBM provides a secure and consistent method of managing file for most software applications by turning your flat, uncontrolled Windows files system into a relational file system by overlaying sets of unique layers. These layers control the underlying files and your access to them ADVANTAGE VBM is designed for computers and servers running the Windows operating system including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP. It can be configured on a single computer to assist a home user using the TRUE Freeware license or it can be deployed on your network for a team of professionals using the ENTERPRISE Multi-User license.

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